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Capitol Girl

So if any of you have read The Hunger Games, you’ll know that the capitol is a place of strangely dyed skin, ‘insteresting’ outfits, and just craziness in general 🙂 I decided to draw a girl from The Capitol for fun- it was really weird working with blue skin! XD


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Princess Leia

I’ve drawn Leia a billion times (ok like three XD) but she is so fun to draw… Idk if it’s her hair or Carrie Fisher’s face or her dress… but it’s super fun. You must try it 😛

And it’s my first digital art in a while…. My drawing tablet is being really annoying and making all these weird little blobs when I don’t want it to, but I can’t tell if it’s bc Medibang needs to be updated or something with the tablet itself :-/ Hmmm…

PrincessLeia (1)