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Princess Leia

Don’t mess with Leia and her blaster 😛 😀

Which version do you like better? I couldn’t decide XD

((playing around with some style changes again 😛 🙂 )



digital art · disney · sketches · star wars

Rey Realistic Digital Sketch

Some more Star Wars art!

This one is of Rey, from one of the images from when The Force Awakens came out 😀

In fact, I’ve draw this once before in a realistic attempt, but that was way back in October 2016! You can look at it here and see how I’ve improved 🙂

This was a challenge to draw, as is any time I’m trying to draw realistically, but I had fun doing it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even COLOR IT!! *gasp*

(I usually don’t color realistic stuff like this anymore bc it’s soo tiring and really hard to get quite right 😉 )