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Darth Vader Ink Drawing

Inktober day ….. whatever… XD This is just a drawing of Darth Vader who I surprisingly have never drawn (at least not as long as I’ve had this art blog around :P) I tried to make it symmetrical, I really did XD

FullSizeRender 3

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Jyn Erso

Yayy more Star Wars! Really excited for The Last Jedi, but decided to do more fanart for Rogue One 🙂 I really like how this turned out (except for the blaster ;-;), as I am experimenting with different styles. In this one, I kept the shading without blending it as it is done with pen.

Medibang Paint with a Wacom Intuous Drawing Tablet


digital art · disney · star wars

Princess Leia

I’ve drawn Leia a billion times (ok like three XD) but she is so fun to draw… Idk if it’s her hair or Carrie Fisher’s face or her dress… but it’s super fun. You must try it 😛

And it’s my first digital art in a while…. My drawing tablet is being really annoying and making all these weird little blobs when I don’t want it to, but I can’t tell if it’s bc Medibang needs to be updated or something with the tablet itself :-/ Hmmm…

PrincessLeia (1)