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Spotted Jellyfish Digital Art

This is based off a picture I took a while ago at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I really like drawing jellyfish because it’s a fun challenge in blending colors and really, making something look jelly-like XD I’m usually pretty fond of the sketchy brushes, but I think jellyfish look best in a more gouache look 😛 🙂

I also tried realllyyy hard to not use the eyedropper tool from my reference picture. It’s hard to resist, but in the long run it should help my coloring in general ^_^ 😀



Little Update :P

I haven’t been posting as much aren’t on here because I’ve been doing more Vector/Animated art this week 😛

I’ve been using Scratch for this because it’s easy to use for animation and I like doing Vector art on it’s simple program 🙂

You can check some animations out here:

Anyways, since it’s the weekend, I’ll probably be able to post some more stuff. Thanks for stopping by!