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Galaxy Digital Art

I came. I tried. I kind of messed it up. (Happy late Ides of March??)

Mainly playing around with texture brushes on this one. I would LOVE to try this with real watercolors, but I don’t have any at the moment >.< 😛


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Nature Documentary Comic

Every once in a while when I watch a nature documentary, I realized that I tend to “root”(?) for whatever animal the documentary is about. My dad and I were talking and I said that if I was shooting a nature documentary, I would find it hard to not step in and rescue the animal in question, and then came up with this idea for a comic 😛 🙂

I hope you like it! This one took soooo long. I used to be pretty skeptical at poorly-drawn web comics but now I can understand why their drawings are so simple XD I think the funnest part about this was getting to draw the fox… i used a few different references for the poses and I think they all turned out pretty good ^-^


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Angelica Fanart

Me: Time to do lineart!

Me to me: Just clean up the sketch…

Also, I would *love* to say “This is just a quick warm up sketch” like other artist people do, but nah. This took a few hours actually. Yeah, I’m slow, I know.

Tbh I’ve been having so many issues with lineart and styles lately XD It’s like each drawing I make looks completely different 😛 😀 Oh well, as long as I’m experimenting and learning I guess 😛 🙂 ❤